About IoT Cybersecurity Certification


     With the advent of the digital economy and the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the IoT security threat is increasing day by day. For this reason, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Israel, and other countries have established and maintained the evaluation mechanism for information and communication products to strengthen the safety of their information and communication products, and to ensure the country's leading position in the field of security. To face the various IoT security challenges and help with the development of the IoT industry, Taiwan also needs to establish safety evaluation standards for domestic IoT vendors to follow to improve product safety and consumer confidence. Under the guidance of the Board of Science and Technology (BOST), Executive Yuan, and the Department of Cyber Security of the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is responsible for the promotion of IoT security of products with wired interfaces; the National Communications Committee is the responsible for telecommunication/communication terminal devices with wireless interfaces. The two cooperate with each other to formulate IoT device security standards and testing environments, and guide manufacturers in testing products for security to build product refinement fields and help the industry enter the international stage.


Purpose of the system

  1. To realize various types of IoT cybersecurity test specifications and drive IoT products and device vendors to implement security testing.
  2. To drive the IoT cybersecurity conformant evaluation system and strengthen IoT security.
  3. To establish the IoT cybersecurity mark system to make it easy for consumers to identify IoT devices that have passed the cybersecurity conformant evaluation.


    In 2018, the focus will first be on wired/wireless network cameras, which are closely related to personal privacy. Afterwards, the corresponding cybersecurity standards and test specifications will be developed for other IoT devices.