TC1. Advanced Mobile Communication

B4G / 5G International and Regional Standardizations Development of Future B4G and 5G Core Technology

Vision, Objective, and Structure


The goal of the TC1 (Advanced Mobile Communication Technology Committee) is to assist in the development of new B4G and 5G wireless communication systems by identifying enabling technologies related to network, spectrum, and industrial applications.


The Technical Committee advocates for standards that promote the interests of Taiwan's ICT industry. These standards will affect the development of future wireless communication technologies.

Along with promoting favorable standards for the local ICT industry, the Technical Committee will facilitate international cooperation and exchange while also raising awareness of Taiwan as a leader in advanced wireless communications among the global ICT community.

The work in the TC1 includes:

  • Develop a strategic vision for creating a new generation of wireless communication technology based on the industrial capacity and needs of Taiwan's ICT industry.
  • Develop recommendations for national industrial policy based on current and future spectrum research and analysis.
  • Promote future 5G standards that may align with Taiwan's industrial capacity and core technology infrastructure.
  • Facilitate and coordinate research efforts throughout Taiwan's ICT industry to explore patent opportunities related to future wireless communication technology.
  • Serve as the contact for international cooperation on mobile communication technologies, and make connections with international or regional standard organizations; for example, to connect with 3GPP and become one of 3GPP observers, to participate in CJK activities and so on.
Organizational Structure

The Technical Committee consists of four groups, including Spectrum Research, Access Technology, Network Technology, and the Requirement and System Architecture group. The Spectrum Research and Access Technology groups are expected to begin meeting in 2015. The remaining work groups will begin meetings as the need arises.

Members of the working groups will discuss proposals and pass resolutions. Groups will also put forward ideas related to the development of technical standards based on specific recommendations. Resolutions to pass proposals that are considered fully viable may be directly referred to relevant working groups. Respective groups will discuss technical aspects of a given proposal and may conduct additional research and base decisions on the results of that research.

Working group leaders may appoint deputies to assist in research related to the following portfolio categories, on an as-needed basis.

Portfolio categories include:

Spectrum Research: Research bandwidth requirements needed for Taiwan to develop the future generations of mobile communication networks, based on ITU-R recommendations and also addressing high demand at frequency bands of 6GHz and higher.

Access Technology: Develop a vision and potential strategies for advancing Taiwan's ICT industry with development of a new generation of wireless communication technology. Also, identify relevant supporting white paper topics and key patent portfolio opportunities.

Network Technologies: Conduct Research, technical reports and specifications, combined with industry, government and science research prototype verification system resources, to identify standards for developing future generations of wireless communications network technology industry.

Requirements and System Architecture: Identify specific system architecture requirements needed to develop future generations of wireless communication technology in Taiwan, based on the local industrial environment and development strategies. Identify all relevant white papers, research analysis reports, system requirements and other specifications needed in support of goals.