2018 TAICS Standards Forum: Trends in Electric Vehicle Battery Management and Service Developments

  • Release date:2018/06/26
  • Source:TAICS
TAICS Secretary General Sheng-Lin Chou (3rd left) with speakers and guests.

TAICS organized the 2018 TAICS Standards Forum on June 26 with “Trends in electric vehicle battery management and service developments” as the topic. The event was co-hosted with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, assisted by Taiwan Telematics Industry Association (TTIA), and sponsored by Keysight Technologies, Tatung Company, Wonder Instrument, and TTIDA. It covered all challenges and standardization issues of electric vehicle business development opportunities and charging equipment and service applications.

TAICS Secretary General Sheng-Lin Chou stated that the capacity of automobile batteries have made significant breakthroughs in recent years, but besides continuous advancement in battery capacity and related technology, IT must be introduced to create proper battery management systems that effectively control battery charge/recharge and operate safely, further improving battery efficiency. Moreover, unlike getting gas, electric vehicles are not done charging in ten minutes. Even a fast-charging battery takes half an hour, so the standardization of battery charging and offered services for electric cars shall also be an important point in the electric vehicle industry development. These various issues will also impact the conventional automotive manufacturing industry while revolutionizing business and business modes in related industries.

As the main link between Taiwan and international standards, TAICS has proactively integrated the business, government, and academic   parties for 3 years to create information and communication standards. Every year we discuss major issues that may be standardized, and this year principal organizations from Taiwan and overseas were invited to study the hot issue  of electric vehicles from critical aspects such as government policies, charging technology, and charging environment.  The establishment of related standards, future requirements, business model creation and application, industry input and experiences were all thoroughly revealed in the forum, generating deep resonance from attending businesses.