2018 TAICS Global Standards Forum (TGSF): Cybersecurity, Privacy Protection in The Age of IoT

  • Release date:2018/10/16
  • Source:TAICS
TAICS’s 2018 Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Global Standards Forum (TGSF) invited professionals in Taiwan and from overseas to discuss IoT information security privacy protection.

In the age when all things are connected, various applications are developing rapidly. Security threats associated with IoT device information security vulnerabilities will also become greater, so IoT information security is seen as the primary issue in IoT promotion. Therefore, to raise people’s awareness to the threats of information security, TAICS and ETSI co-hosted TAICS Global Standards Forum (TGSF) at NTUH International Convention Center’s 301 meeting room, at 10a.m.  October 16 with the main subject “Cybersecurity : Privacy Protection in The Age of IoT.”

Business, government, and academic   representatives were invited to participate, presenting government IoT policies, IoT information security requirements, and application examples, and discussing how to protect important business and personal information in the age of internet of all things. This event was organized with assistance from ITRI and the Institute for Information Industry (III), and sponsored by Tatung Company, EgisTec, Authentrend, GeoVision, GCOM TECHNOLOGIES, and TTIDA .