EU ENISA Cybersecurity Standards and System Sharing Session(2022/06/10 and 2022/10/14)

  • Release date:2022/10/14
  • Source:TAICS

The European Union (EU) has been paying more attention to cybersecurity recently. In addition to the Cybersecurity Act they already passed, they published the EUCC V1.1.1 certification scheme for ICT products in May 2021 to increase trust in ICT products and services to promote the development of EU's digital economy. TAICS organized two EU ENISA Cybersecurity Standards and System Sharing Sessions in 2022. The first session invited overseas representatives from SGS Brightsight, a network of labs in Europe, Red Alert Labs, and Winbond Technology to share information about EU ENISA cybersecurity standards, EUCC solutions, and the Common Criteria-based European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for certifying information technology products.

The second session invited Philippe Blot, the representative for EU cybersecurity certification, Professor Jiann-Liang Chen of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Chien-Chang Hsu, Executive Secretary of TAICS, to share information about EUCC. The topics included the EU Cybersecurity Act and EUCC Scheme developments and updates, study reports about the EU ENISA cybersecurity standards and system, reports about industry response strategies, and plans and technologies for product development.

Through these sharing sessions, TAICS hopes to help our country's industries seize opportunities and understand relevant regulations to form countermeasures. When designing and manufacturing products, companies should adopt the applicable EU certification framework to boost the competitiveness of Taiwan’s products and services in the EU market.